Mozilla Sets the Record Straight on IE9



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I like both FF and Chrome, Safari too.  I like Safari too, but I prefer to use Chrome.  IE's a pain and it's old and moldy.  It's also behind on W3C compliance, so why do I want to use it?  It pisses me off that MS can't seem to update IE the way FF, Chrome, Safari, and Opera can update their web engines.  I've been wanting to use HTMl and CSS3 on projects, but I seem to always have to accomodate for IE (thank you, Google, for the HTML5 shiv scripts).



Chrome for my money and I had been a stalwart ie ( well via Avant ) user



Not that I don't value your opinion, I'm just not comfortable with using Chrome because I'm worried it is not as secure as Firefox. I also like the vast plug-in options offered by Mozilla. Mozilla Firefox may not be the absolute fastest, but it does offer a lot. My pages load instantly anyhow. A half-a-second or less really doesn't make that much of a difference for me.



FireFox 4.0 beta 11 is awesome and I've had no issues with it. I'm almost tempted to remove IE all-together, but I'll keep it for good measure. lol

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