Mozilla Seeks Ideas to Shape Web's Future



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We're going to end up with 16.7 million themes that fit each and every possible color.  Seriously.  That and nothing else.

 However, hoping for the best, what about getting rid of the traditional browser bars altogether?  Give me a more visceral interface similar to the controls on the side for Google Earth only used to navigate the web instead of sorority houses at colleges worldwide?  Something where the web is explored by a real push through an environment instead of www's and taskbars all over the place.

One idea that I think would be interesting would be a means of assigning tags to pictures.  I spend (far too many) time on some image boards and would like to retain the tags on those pics.  A means to download new tags to those same pictures would save me a lot of hassle than trying to set things up in folders all over the place.  



An idea for the browser is for after the page loads it loads the pages that are linked to in the webpage so as you move your cursor over a link a popupwill occur(not in a differnet window, like a flashbased one)that has a preview of the linked page.



with hard drives being so big now and ram so cheap, I think it would be cool if it would cache the pages liked to it so that they would load instantly. THAT would be cool. It would have to cache all of it, just start working on the other pages.



You're in luck! There's already a firefox extension that does that, called Cooliris Previews.



For all, the cooleris thing is for the above comment.

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