Mozilla Rids of .Net-hatin' Firefox 3.5, Replaces it with a Friendlier Version



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The ability to uninstall the .net Framework assistant was actually provided by a hotfix to the framework.   MS moved it from being added at the computer level, to a per-user level.

How to remove the .NET Framework Assistant for Firefox



You neglected to mention that this extension was slipped in to the list by a previous Windows Update and installed without the users' knowledge or permission.  All it does is make it possible for the .net ClickOnce deployment technology to be used inside of Firefox, which is adds an inhernetly insecure vector of infection to what is a (mostly) secure and worry-free browser.  I, for one, went in and disabled the extension's ability to fire off the apps with one click by tweaking its options to essentially turn it into a ClickTwice install where it will warn me of anything that is about to be installed.

Shame on MS for trying to sneak this one past all the users of Firefox just to increase the installed base of their deployment software.

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