Mozilla Releases Fennec Alpha for N900 and Android



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I like FF for the add-ons at home.  Speed is decent enough for what I do (and really, who the hell is sitting around measuring how many milliseconds it takes to download the page while spending another 10 minutes reading at some lame-ass 6 words per minute for the same damn page they were waiting for?), and most browsers are pretty much up to speed at what the average human being does anyways.

That said, Fennec has been treated as a side-product that no one at Mozilla has ever been serious about.  Fennec is treated like that uncle who is 'too handsy' and that only a couple people will talk to (Nortel and now Android).  If you're using Blackberry, Apple, or Symbian, you may as well not exist.  And frankly, until they ante up and make it something everyone can use, I'll stick with Opera Mobile as my OS of choice.  It's not like Mozilla has been courting my business, at any rate.



Cool! I love the logos...and of course FF too. Where can I download this software? cheap car rental cyprus



It looks like those grey squares will appear when you scroll too fast while zoomed in in that browser... That's precisely why i hated the iphones browser. You spend all day looking at grey squares waiting for that section to load. sure, it's smoother scrolling, but at what cost?



No Flash, no use-y. That's why I use the stock browser... Flash is a beautiful thing... Especially when I Flash games with my Swype arrow keys on my DX.

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