Mozilla Refuses Homeland Security's Request to Remove Firefox Add-on



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Yes it redirects, - I am not web savvy enough - is this equivelent to being able to bypass the great firewall of china?

so if the normal website is siezed this add in allows you to find another route to an active mirror or to the original?

I think if I understood more what it did I could see what homeland wants, still might be a big infringement as we lose more freedom here in the US



From talking about this with peers, I dont believe the "refusal" is as strong as people make it out to be.  Mozilla's legal counsel very respectfully asked the right questions concerning Homeland Security's request.


The "do we have to" question is simply preceding the "should we" question.


We'll just have to wait and see just how much political strong-arming Homeland Security is going to throw at them now.



Actually it is, most other companies would quickly comply, and some, in fact, would do so quite happily, beleiving that ana ppearence of willingness to work with DHS might bring fat gubment contracts their way (look at the ways the tel'cos complied with warrantless wiretaps) So, standing up and telling DHS to go out and do the legallegwork instead of happily _insert graphic metaphor here_ is something noteable.



Awesome picture!

And yeah Mozilla will eventually give in.



"and asked for a copy of the relevant seizure order upon which the request to take down the add-on is based upon"

If you've used upon once (before which), you don't use it again at the end.  That's like saying "in which we live in."

Grammar.  It's not just for breakfast anymore.



It sounds like Mozilla has a good lawyer on their hands in Harvey Anderson. It also sounds like he asked all the right questions...who are you, where is your court ordered legal authority to tell us to do this. Thanks goodness their standing up to this possible usurping of power by Homeland Security.



Exactly and if they took down that addon without a court order, I am sure Homeland will make it a habit of thinking they can just ask politely and get what they want. I don't think so.



Homeland Security has FAR more sh*t to worry about than piracy and  appeasing with the *AA whiners.



Ive got news for you. They dont care about the real threats like the open boarder. They are nothing but a domestic federal police force dedicated to corporate justice and liberty for non.



I completely agree.



Competely agree too. When the hell did Homeland become the police force for intellectual property rights? I thought they were set up to... I dunno... protect the homeland from actual threats????



It's because Customs Enforecement (IE keeping pirated material from our shores and supposedly keeping out drugs too)  was combined with Immigration, forming ICE, which is under Homeland Security.



Good for Mozilla... Major points for not simply bending over for the forces of RIAA and MPAA. Of course, they can go right back to the courts and buy the legal justification they want, but MOzilla is at least forcing them to take that step instead of just rolling over and asking for more.

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