Mozilla Reaches Out to Firefox Users to Hug Away Privacy Concerns



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I just reinstalled Windows on my computer, and when it was time to download a new web browser, I strongly considered Chrome. Why? Because Firefox is so unstable and some add-on compatibility is lost with each update. Chrome on my laptop doesn't have any of those problems.

Firefox 3.6 was the most stable release for me, even to this day. I still had it on this computer before I reinstalled Windows. I've had "the latest" version of FF on my other computer, and it has never come close to being as stable as 3.6 on this computer.

Ultimately, I decided on downloading Firefox on my new install because I knew it was more secure than Chrome, and IE doesn't work correctly with my mouse (otherwise, it is a good browser, believe it or not).



Hey Paul, good article. Your title needs fixing I think...

'Mozilla Reaches Out to Firefox Users to Hug Away Privacy Concerns Away'. I think there's an extra 'away' in there.



Firefox's method of protecting us is simple. Keep changing the program so quickly that it remains unstable and none of its exploits will last more than one version release, so like 5 minutes.

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