Mozilla Outlines Plans For Firefox's Memory Leak Woes



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We use web-based applications for work.  I am constantly opening and closing tabs throughout the day.  We have 2GB of RAM in our workstations running WinXP Pro SP3.  By noon, Firefox is using over 300MB of memory, and it becomes sluggish.  If I leave it run all day, it will eat up to 700MB of memory and will take 4-5 seconds before a link that is clicked is actually activated.


Disabling all of my add-ons redueces the problem, but not by much.



Maybe it's just my imagination, but it seems like Chrome has a more serious memory leak issue than Firefox.  I usually have a bunch of tabs open (>20) in Chrome on WinXP and have to restart it every day or so to get rid of various sorts of anomalous behavior.  Anyone else seeing this?



Uhh, I have a half a dozen tabs open and my memory usage for 8Gb is 23% with Firefox using up a whopping 206MB (10%). I closed out the Firefox browser and now 22%. Where exactly is the issue here? The only thing that DOES affect me is page loading as the AD BLOCK addon takes a while to strip out the 20-30 ads on a web page (sorry MPC). My attitude is that if I cannot tell there is a problem then THERE IS NO PROBLEM. Straightforward enough. I will continue to enjoy Firefox, thank you.



Its not that big a deal anymore because memory is cheap and plentiful even on a web surfing machine.

In the past MS has been accused of making bloated software so that its OEM partners can sell faster machines. I wonder whether some of the contributors to Firefox have similar ulterior motives. Maybe some large OEMs have their developers working on FF?



Too little too late. After 7(?) years of using Mozilla/Firefox, the daily memory issues became too much and I switched to Chrome 2 months ago. There are a few things I really miss but I haven't come across one memory issue yet with Chrome.



Not that Firefox' memory leak problem is that bad, but I power use the crap out of it for all my web based web application stuff I do and Firefox blows up every few days because of the accumulation cholesterol that gradually turns into slide show like operations then crashes.

I really do wish I had the time to get involved int he project more, and help with their problem. I have been using and following Firefox since their first beta years ago, and hoped it would be a true internet exploder alternative. Firefox from my point of view has replaced IE and I am forced to use IE less and less as time goes by. All the features in the world are utterly worthless unless you have the foundation to run them on. Fixing the current memory leak problem will hands down make Firefox way more desired over any other browser out today.

Keep up the pressure guys!



Could it be due to Flash Player or one of the popular plugins?



You bring up a good point, but the horrible state of the Flash player at the moment is only a current problem around Firefox. They have had memory leak problems since almost the beginning. It is more or less a lack of house keeping practices over the years that have lead to larger problems. Hindsight is always nice, but we all wish we had it for right now problems.



Not holding my breath for this one.  They've made claims in the past about the mem leaks getting fixes. 

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