Mozilla Officially Releases Firefox 3.6



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They'd add so many new features that cannot support old plugins thats just not good. Wedding bands



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   Firefox 3.6 wasn't much difference on my home rig which runs on i7 920 with 6Gigs of ram.But it does wonder on my older computer from work. Everything become fast and I am loving it. I was using chrome at work for speed but now I can ditch chrome now. Chrome can't even read foreign lanuage fonts in unicode.

Ohh, the way firefox opens tap right next to the one from its main webpage, it was rip off from Chrome but I am loving it. Persona used to hog my machine at work but man, I am proud to say that I have been using firefox since Netscape day. 

Firefox Rocks!!



 Indeed no noticable differences besides a little speed improvement, and plugin update checker.

 Still worth the update though.

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