Mozilla May Have Plugged Firefox's Memory Leak Once and For All



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Heel, not heal.  Too much WoW?  ;-)



Why make us wait? This is something that. not only do we need now but we need bad and it's something Firefox needs to implement if they don't want to lose everyone to Chrome. From here to Firefox 7 is a long way.



Switch to the Aurora or Nightly channel if you want it sooner.

Nightly's been on 7 for awhile now and Chrome uses more than Firefox does anyway with it's 1 proccess per tab approach.



I've never once had a memory leak in the 4 years that I have been using Firefox, but I'm glad that it is getting fixed.



There has been a memory leak every single time you open Firefox. Even for you. It only really becomes noticable after it has been open for a while as it needs time to capture and hold hostage all your precious RAM. People with high end systems dont notice it though because they dont run out of RAM easily. I have a few older computers and cant use Firefox because the memory leak quickly eats up everything I have, but with my gaming computer I can leave Firefox open for days and still not notice anything but if I look in the task manager Firefox always has very large amounts of memory used and it goes up very steadily. Usually about 1,000 Ks every second after its reached 300,000 but I have 12 GB of RAM so its not an issue with this computer.



Couldn't this be fixed by an extention? Oh well, it's good news. I usually have 30~40 tabs open at a time. Group tabs(Tab candy) is a godsend. 

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