Mozilla Makes Pitch for Donations as Suspense over Google Deal Continues



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I like Firefox, but I hate seeing that memory screen pop-up at least once a day. Sure, I keep a lot of tabs open, but I have 8 gigs of memory on 7X64. That should be enough. Chrome I hate for the drive-by install prompts on some good utilities suggested by max PC and other safe sites, although the frequency can't touch the shove down your throat drive-by of garbage IE, bulk of the market, a natural target, but have to use it on some few selected sights to buy stuff, or drill down. I'll skip why, many of you already know. Although on a Firefox engine, Sea Monkey gives me very few problems, does not bitch about memory, and has a decent mail client. A bit old fashioned looking, but is updated somewhat frequent. At least for now, if I have to loosen cookies etc for a site, very simple and stupid to adjust, no menu drill down, straight off the menu bar. Another reason I have for not wanting Google and Chrome together is the increased target for government intrusion that would be seen as a twofer invasion. Nah, they would not go there, or would they?



The memory problem is oddly unique to Windows and even worse on Win7. Firefox runs blazing fast on Linux and from those I know say it runs good on OSX too. On winXP it seems to run decent too, but still has some problems.



They should make a deal with Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer with Firefox on all new Windows installs.



Go Mozilla!


I Jedi

I truly hope Google does the right thing, even if Mozilla has become a competitor against them.

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