Mozilla Launches Fennec Alpha 2 – Is This the Safari Killer?



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...but it still needs work (guess that's why it's an alpha and not a beta).


The design concept here is to have as little clutter as possible on the
screen to maximize the web content.  The rendering performace appears to be on par
with the existing browser on the N800 (which is honestly the best I've seen for hand-held devices IMHO).  But this one supports extensions!

The Nokia 8x0 platform is an easy choice to use as a test platform for Fennec since it is practically a linux computer anyways, has a higher-res 800x480 screen, and it already uses a Mozilla browser (part of Maemo OS2008) but the N800 lacks the implementation of a good graphical processor so some of the cool features of Fennec, such as finger-scrolling the web page to the side a-la ipod Touch to view your bookmarks and other options, lag badly and feel awkward.

 I'm looking forward to inevitably seeing this browser on a more capable device with better finger-scrolling support but so far it looks really promising.



 I'm surprised that they haven't developed an Alpha build for Blackberries yet. A lot of business users, use Blackberries, and out of those, I do know that a number of people use the browser heavily, so having a good browser would be something that would be greatly appreciated.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



"performance has defiantly improved"  Interesting choice of words that I can assume is targetted at the 'other' mobile browsers?  :)


"Thought's of Dread"


Brett Schealler

any chance it will come out for blackberrys?



It;s only a matter of time until Firefox starts to gain a good market control within the mobile browser. If it is as good as the regualar browser, then it is sure to be a great hit. Watch out Apple.


Keith E. Whisman

Any chance I will find this in the Android Market for the Android G1 T-Mobile phone?

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