Mozilla Introduces "Bespin" for Programming in the Cloud



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Keith E. Whisman

I do appreciate the reference to Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. Bespin is home to Cloud City and Darth Vaders choice location for trapping and confronting Luke Skywalker.  Luke lost a limb but Vader gained a son.

The Force will be with you always. I like this one alot better though, May the Schwartz be with you. 


Keith E. Whisman

Another reason why I don't like cloud computing is that it's anticompetitive. You have a choice in Cloud computing like if you use Googles Cloud service you can only use Googles software. You can't purchase software from a third party and use it on the Google Cloud. This whole thing is a scheme to push out companies that can't build their own cloud networks. We can say goodbye to small companies that have a product that google won't buy for their cloud network or MS's cloud network. Basically I freaking hate cloud computing. 

Cloud computing is nothing new it's always been around on workstations where you only have the networked keyboard, mouse and display. But that is for businesses. Cloud computing should stay right there because all it's going to do is set the hardware industry back ten years. No more high speed processors because the cloud does all the computing, no need for 3d because the cloud is 2d to save on bandwidth.

So if Cloud computing really takes off then everyone and his mother is going to dedicate their time and resources to developing Cloud tech and we can forget about innovation on 3D gaming. This sucks. I don't want to have to buy a got damned console just to play more than solitaire. 

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