Mozilla Introduces Alternative To Chrome OS



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Holly Golightly

Wow, I like the cool design. I downloaded it, and upzipped the file onto the desktop, and boy... What a mess. There were 300 icons. I am not sure I unzipped it correctly. The amount of icons was overwhelming. I definitely look forward to seeing the finished product of this as I know Mozilla is the most secured browsing experience. Hopefully though, this can work offline as I like to game on my computers, and not always able to connect online.



Meh, I'll pass, on both "alternative" OS's. Windows 7 works beautifully, and I don't need a stripped down OS to do my work and play my games. Thanks, but no thanks!



"Could that be a jab at Google's closed-source Chrome OS?"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Chrome OS is built on Linux, meaning Chrome OS has to be open source as well.  This, of course, is different from having developed a product and choosing to not release it to the general public.


Brad Chacos

Ah, yeah, I worded that wrong. I meant the "walled" nature of Chrome, needing a Google ID and all that. In fact, you can download the entire Chrome OS source code.

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