Mozilla Hints That “Something BIG” is Coming Next Week for Android



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Is "Something big" going be unstable, incompatibility, broken update for flash on cellphone's version?



I ditched Firefox for Seamonkey after I saw the complete hackjob they are planning to do with Australis. If I wanted Chrome, I'd use Chrome. I have better things to do than have to rummage around in about:config and install large numbers of byzantine extensions just to retain a usable interface.

Seamonkey (the continuation of the original Mozilla suite), ironically, is less bloated and faster than Firefox, even though Firefox was originally created because the Mozilla suite was perceived as being too slow and bloated. Seamonkey is compatible with most major Firefox extensions (and porting over Firefox extensions is often just a matter of a simple find+replace) and it has a sane interface.



I've been a FireFox fan for years. Though nowadays I run WaterFox on my desktop.

Mozilla has quite the uphill battle if it wants me to switch from DolphinHD on my phone.



same here. I love DolphinHD.



The fox is on fire.

Its gotta hurt though.



I love Firefox. Fore my entire life, I've been using Firefox (except I used Chrome within less than 6 months a few years ago), and Firefox for Android was pretty good. The only problem was Flash. Firefox Android didn't have Flash capabilities. That means I wasn't able to stream my favorite anime shows and neither could I watch Youtube videos either.

I hope their next update will include Flash support! Until then, I'll keep on using Ninesky Browser.



Try the Beta in the Play store. New UI, and it has Flash.



It's actually decent now (on a Nexus running Android 4.0.4). Still, I prefer Chrome's UI a bit (tab switching, for example). And will they FINALLY change the UI on the desktop version to be faster (and make it so it doesn't freeze when you load a page on a slower machine that Chrome runs just fine on), as well as make it multi-threaded?



I love my firefox ...... I have been using it for years on my PC. Cannot stand it on my Transformer Prime tho. I have tried every iteration that has come out on Android but have been left under whelmed. I can only hope .....



Same here. I tried it on my Iconia simply for the availability of Adblock and it's so counterintuitive (actually downright frustrating) to use that I removed it.

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