Mozilla Focusing on Speed for Firefox 4



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Mighty BOB!

How about they fix the giant memory leak instead?  A browser should never be using more than half a gig of RAM, much less an entire gig.  It renders fast enough dangit!



I recently switched to Chrome because Firefox was starting to piss me off in the speed department.  I even went so far as to do a clean install before switching browsers and even then I still got what I can only describe as "hiccups" and crashes (and this was with minimal add ons). I do not know what they have done to Firefox but it is not the browser I started to use 7 years ago.  It has gotten progressively worse with the updates...and yes I am/was a "fanboy" but I am not blind nor stupid.  A few days with Chrome (and thanks to the extensive collection of extensions now available) has resulted me in uninstalling Firefox.  I simply do not need it.  It is slower and clumsier.   If you have not tried Chrome out lately its your loss.  There is a reason it is now #3 in such a short period of time (MPC April 2010).  If Firefox 4 improves I will look at it again, but for now Chrome is where it is at. 



It's ironic that of the latest (and preview) versions of browsers,
Firefox is the slowest- even the IE 9 platform preview is faster. It is
unnerving to live in such a world.

Fortunately, I have noscript,
so the vast majority of javascript that is thrown my way never even gets
executed. And while I would love using Firefox 64bit, Flash in a 64 bit
Windows browser is not available yet :(.

Being a web devleoper, I
really like the HTML5 push.



FF should fix the memory bloat that has been prevelant for quite some time.  I use the he|| out of FF and it regularly uses a Gig of RAM or more on several of the systems I frequent.  It slows and slows and eats away at the cpu as it chews up more RAM.  I want to keep using it, but the issues never seem to be fixed. 




I am really looking at the revamped features, especially at x64 and GPU acceloration. 


Electronically charged



 I hope they are also updating the add ons, I'd hate to see this flop like Thunderbird.


Does seem to look a bit like chrome.  The upper section that is.





Everything changes but change itself



WTF High-speed Graphics?



Opening, closing, running browser comparisons are nice but I'd be more impressed if tests were done after loading and using equivalent extensions.  I don't believe many FF and Chrome users run bare browsers and I'd like to see how extensions impact them.  Then I can be impressed with one of them.


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Where's the menu bar?



Orange bar, top left.


Fecal Face

 I still use Lunascape. Might switch over to Firefox eventually, but I don't see a point if i'm already using FF's engine and addons..


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I can't wait for Firefox 4 either... but, is it just me, or does the screenshot look a LOT like Chrome??



Where do you get Chrome? It looks waaaaaaay more like Opera than anything.

Screenshot below.



It looks a lot like Opera because Opera looks a lot like Chrome now. It seems Chrome did something right and now everyone is copying the interface. Not exactly a bad thing if it results in a more competitive market, but it is kind of lame that we're tossing aside innovation in favor of just using what other people say works.

As far as this new version of FF, I'll believe it when I see it. Mozilla promises big and then doesn't deliver. Maybe they should work on their atrocious memory leaks before wasting time with features that will surely just make it worse. 



I agree, Chrome and Opera look similar, but I think Mozilla copied Opera and not Google.



I dont think so, it just looks like firefox w/o a cool skin or theme



Firefox already has the infinite ability to be customized any way you want it to. If it can match the speeds of google chrome then it will definitly be the best browser out there (it already is in my book)

I cant wait for firefox 4

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