Mozilla Developing In-Browser PDF Viewer in HTML5, JavaScript



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Erm... Safari has had a built-in PDF reader for something like five years.



I could be wrong, but I believe Safari just uses the Previwer app to view PDFs in OS X



Why? Is the goal to have fewer Adobe Acrobat Reader installs? This feature seems like more 'me-too' bloat. Why can't Firefox get to its roots where the priorities were speed, security and standards compliance, and everything else was supported by extensions and plugins.



Because too many people BITCH about it features it doesn't have and browser X has this and that and blah blah


"this is Derp Derpinson from and my review of firefox 4 is IT SUCKS. I mean SURE it DOES browse the web and all.....BUT WHERE IS TEH BUILT IN SILVERLIGHT SUPPORT?!!? I mean browser X obver here has had built in Web 2.0 support for what seems like forever and made 55,398 bungholio marks in 4Dbrowsermark 2013! Firefox WOULDN'T EVEN RUN IT! FAIL Mozilla!"



"Google began shipping its Chrome web browser with a built-in PDF viewer almost a year ago, making it the first browser to have such a feature. In fact, it still continues to be the only one."


What an odd statement. And here's me thinking that Safari has had this ability since 2008 and Konqueror for KDE has it, too.



The best thing we can do for the Internet right now is ban Flash and embrace HTML5 open video standards. Flash is an anchor around our necks, and Adobe is too arrogant to improve or evolve it.

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