Mozilla Confirms Infected Firefox Extensions Slipped Past Security



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This was obviosly bound to happen.

I'm just glad that Mozilla doesn't have an app submission system like apple. 

This actually makes me trust them more though, because of the fact that they came forward and told the truth, and did not just leave us in the shade on the "dissapearing extensions".


+1 to Mozilla! 



Indeed, this was bound to happen sooner or later, and eventually will happen to just about any browser or OS you care to name as soon as it becomes popular and gains any sort of following. Always read and understand what you're doing. Prevention is 99% common sense. Will this cause me to stop using a particular browser, no. But being informed and aware goes a long way in todays online world. Sometimes being on the bleeding edge results in paper cuts.



From the experimental section, eh?  Sounds like someone's experiment succeeded, and yes, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Doesn't hurt my love for Firefox, though...until Chrome comes out with extensions that include NoScript and Adblock Plus (or their equivalents), I would never consider switching.  Besides, the speed advantage of Chrome isn't much compared with FF least, not on my machine.



Chrome now has a decent adblock script. Still no Noscript however. Lack of a master password though in Chrome is really annoying. I don't want to type in every single password every time but I certainly don't want my user names and passwords viewable to everybody who gets their hands on my computer.



This all seems like much ado about nothing.  

Besides, doesn't Mozilla warn the user about the risk of using add-ons and isn't there some button you have to click to accept the terms? Just asking because I don't use Firefox. I use IE8.   

They patched their security. There, done. No need to panic. Hackers never sleep so you always have to stay ahead. However, 4 months to remove Master File and Sothink was removed 2 years later...sorry, that's a "fail". 

Of course people will keeping using Firefox and add-ons. Duh? On the other hand most users probably aren't aware of this.

On top of that 5000 downloads out of millions is a decimal percentage point.  

Additionally, the majority of people, even the neophytes of computing, have an antivirus on their PC or laptop. The majority of big brandnames, big box stores sell them preinstalled. As far as the MaximumPC reader goes, they most likely are running antivirus, antimalware, firewall, etc.

Again, much ado about nothing, I think. Yawn.




Nah. People who download from experimental section and don't have a proper antivirus are at fault. I mean really, I bet just a simple antivirus would've picked up that stuff.

Firefox addons are great. Thats the only reason why I'm using FireFox. If 1 out of bazillion is infected - big whoop.



Sholuld not have happened. Just like texting and driving; I didn't mean to hit the tree. Yes, I will still use Mozilla.



 Another point for Google Chrome, ladies and gents




If you think that this won't happen to Google sooner or later now that they allow "extentions" you have been eating the funny granola and drinking the funny cool-aid.



Your comment is analogous to saying that we should all avoid elevators because sooner or later the one you're in might drop.

Sure, everything might be eventual, but as it stands right now, Firefox extensions have resulted in a security breach and Chrome extensions have not. Regardless of how you slice that, it represents a slip-up on Firefox that hasn't occurred in Chrome. 




glad i didn't download those. and it was bound to happen eventually.

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