Mozilla Announces Firefox Extended Support Release for Enterprises



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As a long time firefox fan, I've actually tranistioned to chrome now.. partially because of these ridiculous releases... that and I haven't had a stable version of firefox since like 3.6...



That timeline really shows how ridiculous this "rapid versioning" thing is. We're on Firefox 9, and other than a memory overhaul in FF7, there haven't been any changes that would have justified a new version number before last year. This is Google's fault with how they handled Chrome's version numbers (what version are we on now? I don't know, because I don't follow it -- I just update when there's a patch available). It's just plain silly.

If you want to change your development model for faster releases, you can do that internally. If you really feel like the version numbers don't fairly reflect the faster releases, why not adopt something that actually makes sense, like the YY.MM.patch versioning system?

In just over a year, we'll be on Firefox 20. My company (a very large company) is still installing FF3.6.x on new machines. I'm just glad we have something other than IE7 available to us, and it was still IE6 not all that long ago!



Still ridiculous.

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