Mozilla And Microsoft Introduce "Firefox With Bing"



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Holly Golightly

Hmm, I guess that is fine. I like the Bing homepage. It is pretty each and every single day. As long as I have FoxScape skin on top of FireFox, they can do whatever really.



Microsoft probably threatened suit, like they do to other open-source vendors who do stuff better than them, and extorted "licensing-fees" for infringing on MS's concept of a web-browser. They just told Mozilla "we'll drop all of this if you include Bing as your default search engine."

...or maybe not. But it does sound extremely similar to what they did and are doing to openSUSE and other open-source vendors with regards to their OSes. They just don't screw with Apple because, as you know and love to daily research, Apple is a big bully company too with a crack-team of expensive lawyers. 




what a stupid idea



I would love if Microsoft included Firefox in WIndows 8 instead of Internet Explorer. But I can only hope...



I would love it too, but the vast majority of users aren't like us. For them, the limited frills of IE10 is more than sufficient. Hell, I even tell my family members to use the default IE with Windows 7.



IE9 is actually resonable, and I'm not in a huge hurry to try to switch people away from it. However, IE8 definitely sucked. It would be nice if Chrome came with Windows though, otherwise Firefox.

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