Movies on Your iPhone? Apple Buys Several Projector-Related Patents



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Projector Bulb:-DWe carry a huge selection of LCD and DLP projectors, projectors screens, projector mounts, projector lamps and projector bulbs.According to this blog the projector could be integrated into a dedicated remote controller associated with the projection system or it could be offered as an auxiliary client device such as an iPhone, iPod touch, or laptop



I wish Apple would just come out with a battery that will last all day in my Iphone! uggh!



ok, I've had enough of apple crap on MPC.



Lighten up, Francis...

As much as I despise the pro-Apple culture, Apple is relevant, and they release relevant products.  The iPod, iPhone, and certainly iTunes are (like it or not) extremely relevant.  (Their computers, well... not so much).  

Though I refuse to buy Apple products, it's nice to know what's coming, particularly without having to troll the pro-Jobs-fellatio sites.  Wouldn't you rather learn of pending Apple products in this forum, a forum that's much more hostile and critical?




That would be Francois to you!, there is nothing about apple products that are relevant to PC's except for it's glorified itunes. Without itunes, nothing...repeat...nothing would or could sync to a PC. Jobs has made it to where PC parts can (under strict approval) works with apple products but not the other way around unless you use an EFI, and they are even being sued by apple.

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