Movie Theaters Using Anti-Piracy Tools to Analyze Your Emotions



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As far as being used to prevent piracy, I say it it works then go for it. I am all for unobtrusive ways to prevent piracy. I would much rather see a system like this than undergo a full pat down before entering a theater.


As for data collection. I highly doubt it would be widely used. Data like that would mainly be useful during screenings of a movie to see how crowds react to certain parts of a movie so the studio knows if they need to change something. The odds of every audience being polled in every theater around the world to collect some massive data set for a movie that is already released is pretty unlikely.


As for collecting data on people... get used to it. It happens every day in all aspects of your life. We love all the benefits that come with the extensive data collection and analysis that is done every day, but we get all up in arms when we are the ones being studied.



What a crock of $hit, there's no way I approve of this crap, big brother really will be watching once garbage like this ends up everywhere..



If you're a lab rat, the least they can do is not charge you for the movie.



...they will start keeping track of exactly what we are looking at on the screen at any given time.

Angelina Jolie will be able to charge double for any movie she stars in.  The data will be all the leverage she needs.



i assume then if it reads serious people or uneasy people as cam rippers. otherwise, it boils down to placing the video recorder camera and leaving it with a friend so it doesnt pick you up for an hour and a half. come back from smoke break and collect video camera (if it hasnt been stolen by other people).

facial recognition to detect cam rippers is going to not work. maybe they need to do is develop software that detects certain shapes of video recorders and techology. peopel are easy to find, but they need to make it so it can detect certain types of technolgy, instead, like a scanner that sees stuff like watches, glasses, cellphones, etc.

But then theaters would start to have airport style security checkpoints at the main halls, checking for cameras n stuff.


Keith E. Whisman

You know they are going to use this tech to determine how perverted we are during sex scenes and use those intense scenes to shoot out advertisements. "Ooh yeah, oh baby, ahh, oh, ahhh, REMEMBER TO Drink DR.PEPPER, It's What the Doctor Ordered, Wouldn't you like to be a Doctor too!"..... There that's how it'll go down..





Bullwinkle J Moose

Everybody look suspicious





if they could have captured the level of hate directed towards a character like, oh say Jar Jar Binks.  I'm sure the program would have crashed and sat in a corner crying.



I have no real issue with the anti camera bit, but to use the tech to scan for body posture and emotions of the audience for marketing.


and no way to opt out? Since you are a captive audience - and it is a public space(though you paid for admission) it is probably a grey area that would need a court case to decide if it was legal to do without notification or permission


how can you even tell? it will probably drive me away from the movie theatre


I Jedi

In the eye's of the law, if you decide to go out into the public world, you wave all rights to not be photographed, recorded, etc. The movie theaters should notify their customers upon entering that they will be filmed, but that would just hurt business! I am not an advocator of the way this tech. is used, but it's up to the theaters if they want to do this. I'll certainly start flipping the bird off at the general direction of these hidden cams, if they exist in my local theater.

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