Movie Studios Sue an ISP and Seek to Disconnect Users Over BitTorrent Piracy



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Just cause my neighbour showers with her window open and its indecent exposure, I can't sue my condo board for not doing anything about it. 

Fact is lawyers are feeling the recession to and know all the little guys have no money so lets go after an ISP with larger pockets.  Maybe these studios should go back to making good movies instead of the odd blockbuster floating on the sea of crap they peddle.



“We can’t go and kick the customer off on the basis of an allegation from someone else" - EXACTLY! Good for them standing up to bullies.



This is getting idiotic, and borderline harassment.

Hey Studios, do not bite the hand that feeds you. You never know the consequences...

And, also, Studios, you are NO ONE to demand ANYTHING. Just a reminder.




I was going to say it's more like sueing the Highway Administration because people are driving without licenses or insurance. Whatever analogy we use, it's wrong. The ISP cannot and should control what content its users download.



This whole tactic is akin to sueing GM because people are speeding in Corvettes. Of course don't ever suggest that a movie from these same poeple influenced a criminal act.



It is with hollow laughter that I see the irony of malevolent corporations crying to the courts and media about being 'victims of piracy'. Perhaps, instead of shovelling crap down our throats in the guise of entertainment (when, let's face it, the corporate bigwigs see movies and music as commodities, rather than art, and pump out as much as possible to cash in as much as possible), the studios would see the value in producing quality goods, worth more in the long run than a few dozen throwaway titles and tracks.

These corporations are not losing money. There was no money there to lose to begin with - 'potential revenue' my left foot. There's no way I'm satisfied dl'ing some shaky-cam copy of a movie I haven't yet seen but really want to - I'm goin' to the freakin' show! 

These a$$clowns are just miffed that they can't touch the REAL criminals - the guys in Asia and Russia selling copies and making a mint from it.




yeah I want my isp to do one thing and it should only do onething. act as a bridge between my house and the internet backbone 



The subject says it all.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



level 3 should skip the middle man and sell bandwidth



crossing the line? Hell yeah. ISP are the athority on what they allow not the studios. IF the studios had their way i would have lost my Charter servive months ago after acidently leaching a pirate copy of The Dark Knight while looking for some good fan sub torrents.

 Instead i got a warning from Charter, told them as soon as i identified what the file was it was already deleted before their letter hit my email box and that was it.



And Ithought we had internet nazis here at work.  That's rediculous.

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