Movie Studios Sue Advertising Firm Over Links with Movie Pirates



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To no one's surprise, these studios are freaking hypocrites. Disney, and I imagine WB as well, advertises on pirate sites too. I know this for a fact. All this case is about is felxing a little muscle in a rather pathetic effort to curb piracy. Even for these conglomerates it's an uphill battle. The ONLY way in which internet piracy can be eliminated is if they manage to destroy or take control over every single hard drive on the face of this planet, which not even the US government can do. No one is capable of that...


Rather than "fight" piracy and involve the US government - i.e. Homeland security (?) - not to mention the judicial system, the studios should consider innovation as a solution. How about adapting to the needs of their customers? How about hiring the uploaders and admins of pirate sites, rather than criminalizing them? They obviously know what they're doing. 


Up loaders, downloaders, and pirates around the globe are not thieves. They do not go into the golden vaults of HBO, Disney, or WB and steal anything. All they do is access what already exists. If the studios are so concerned with DVD screeners being leaked on the web, maybe they should treat their employees better so they'll stop leaking them...


Whether you agree with me or not, I'd like to continue the conversation - it's an important one. Our freedoms and privacy are at risk more and more each and every day. Come over to so we can chat.



supernovatube.corn  I'm positive that that should be (dot) com.



Warner Brothers and Disney!? holy crap...I wonder if this will effect anyone from pirating yet. I sure as hell wouldn't want Disney and WB sueing me. yikes!



Check out what I found when I went to check out

Looks like they're OFF THE LIST.

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