Movie Goers Buy into the 3D Hype at the Box Office



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I will never spend one dime seeing any movie in 3d. Ever.  will repair, or by a used non 3d set for my living room when my tube tv dies. I never bught into bluray(DVD, even with the upconversion is good enough). Whay on earth would I go after 3d. You know in 5 yrs when it get to market saturatuion they come up with some new gimmick. All those who thought they were alone in hating 3d, I am with you, and I have never seen anything in 3d. My depth perception is  bad enough in real life, I don't need to make it worse by wearing stupid glasses...



It's easy to see why the profits have increased, and it's not because of stereoscopic being cool, (because its not) its because every single movie that is coming out is in "3D" so of course it will start making money.  If people are going to see a specific movie, thats what they are going to see, 3d or not, it's not like people will get there and and think oh, this (insert awsome movie title) is only in 3d, I guess I'll watch (insert lame movie title) instead because it's only 2d.



Here's my two cents. The Real D 3D in the theater is the way it was supposed to be viewed. Sometimes I do catch myself squinting or blinking more than usual, but watching titles in 3D really makes the difference. I don't go to a showing unless it is in 3D. Why? Because I can get a better experience at home in Bluray.

I've told my fiance that the only 3D we will have in our home is a projector. She can't watch 3D titles on a TV because it hurts her eyes and she gets a headache, which goes for anything that is backlit anyway. We can't watch titles in the dark if it is bright. A projector has two different beams to it, and unlike the goofy 3D glasses that flicker (I hate that...I see it everytime), you don't have it projected at you, or filled in via LCD or LED.



That's exactly why we don't go to the movie theaters anymore , because of 3D !!!! Am i the only one who have headache from watching it ? Just few days ago my wife and me wanted to go to the movie theater and were completely dissapointed because most of them in 3D.



Instant headache here. 30 sec. to a minute after viewing I have to leave the headaches are so bad. I will never watch 3d anything. I will give up movies and tv before joining this band wagon.



I'm not a fan of 3D.  3D doesn't add to my movie going experience.  It actually takes away from it.  

1.  I have to pay more, which limits my spending at the concession stand.  

2.  The glasses darken my view of the movie.  During dark scenes I often find myself briefly removing them only to see blur.  

3. I find it hard to focus on the screen as a whole.  It's like there is a certain amount of tunnel vision.  I'm not sure if anyone experiences this lack of field of view.  While not great, it's there and I find it distracting.  It is possible that this may be due to my usual end of row seating.  I dunno.

It really bothers me when studios release the movie in 3D for the first weekend to tweak the box office numbers.  This may be a limited strategy or a decision by the theater itself, but I've dealt with it.  I've made the decision to avoid all 3D versions.  I don't foresee 3D in my living room either.  However, it may get to the point I won't have any option but.  God forbid.  





I thought i was the only one who thought this.


I Like Turtles

I agree with Neugeldt. Locally if a new movie is in 3D that's the only offering you have. So basically if you want to watch that movie you "HAVE" to watch 3D. So sounds like a good way to scew the number to how they want them.



Not related to this story, but I'm digging your nick, I Like Turtles.


I Like Turtles




Sure I would watch a movie in 3D at the Theater.  It is a change, something different, so wearing glasses a couple hours is acceptable.

Watching 3D at home and wearing glasses all the time is not acceptable. 

I paid thousands of dollars to have corrective eye surgery so I did not have to wear glasses to watch TV.

I want to buy a new HDTV, but this 3D stuff has me upset.  I want a top of the line model, but don't want to have to wear glasses to enjoy my movies at home.

Am I alone, or even the minority in this thinking?  I can't believe people would want to wear glasses to watch movies at home. 

Anyone else?




What would be interesting to see is if they showed the same movie in both 3d and regular in the same theater. I would bet that the regular movie would make more money. As it is right now where I live if you want to see a movie it is either in 3d or not, not both. So I would take that this info is biased in that people just want to see the movie and they can only see it in the theater in 3d, meaning that they're just shoving it down or throats and claiming that we like it.

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