Move Over Notebooks, Tablets are Taking Over



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John Pombrio

Wasn't this the same title for netbooks a couple of years ago?
"Move over Notebooks, Netbooks are taking over"



No it wasn't.

Don't worry, Intel based Tablets are hitting market soon so you'll be changing your stance on them.



@Paul Lilly

Statements like "tyranny of Apple's ecosystem" really diminishes MaximumPC. What's better the Google ecosystem, the Microsoft ecosystem, the Amazon ecosystem? They are all as Tyrannical as Apple's system. So stop picking on Apple. Tell us which ecosystem is better by doing one of your reviews comparing the ecosystems. I can tell you that Apple's ecosystem is the most complete due to the number of quality apps and games available on the App Store.



No! I think Paul's got it right. I think M$ really sucks with what they are doing with Win8 but Apple is on another playing field. I personally think the way they conduct their business should be illegal. But that won't happen because of the "Apple Sheep" who fork out the bucks every year or so to be "cool".

I have never owned an Apple product and never will. Do you know why? There are too many to name but basically because of the "tyranny of Apple's ecosystem".

Paul... well said!



Dantv I agree...if an PC/Tablet was an app jukebox, like Apple wants you to believe.



I would still love to see the whole smart phone becomes your pc when docked get done better. Have a windows phone, but when you plug it into the dock you get the full blown windows os experience, keyboard, mouse and giant monitor, full office, etc. Much easier to lug around a phone than a tablet.



I would not classify the Surface as a tablet. I would classify it as a netbook. Tablets do not have built in keyboards.


Brad Chacos

Asus Eee Pad Slider, some Lenovo tablets have built-in keyboards, off the top of my head.



The keboard on the Surface is not 'built-in'.

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