Motrola's Atrix 2 is Bigger, Downloads Faster



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I like where this is going, but like the iPhone 4S, it still seems like a bit of a half-assed upgrade... No change to the CPU or RAM, and the software is unlikely to undergo major changes (as below comment -- proprietary Motorola software needs some). The processor will need to make a jump to 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz to be competitive, and the integrated GPU probably needs a little bit of a boost considering the bigger screen and better camera.



Two things worng with tis, one it is on ATT (to expensive and caps your data, so no good for th eenterprise) and two, it is a Motorola. Moto's just do not work well in an enterpise environment as they have all kinds of snyc issues. Before anyone blames MS Activesync, every other Android and Apple devie sync just fine witout issue. I will stick with HTC and Samsung for now thank you very much, at leat until Google fixes or dumps motoblur, which is the root of the sync issue on their devices.

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