Motorola Xoom Sales Estimated at Only 100,000



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So what, we aren't sitting outside the store to buy products doesn't mean anything. The biggest problem is the price. If the Wifi version was at 399 I would have it already. 

Non-Apple tablet makers need to realize we aren't Apple fanboys and as a result, we don't give our money to you so easily. You have to drop the price or the product won't get off the shelf.



I agree. I would concider buying one if the price was lower but there's no way I am going to pay the outragous prices that are currently being asked for this.



Android users tend to be enthusiasts.  As such, they realize that a $600-$800 tablet is a rip off.  You can get a pretty nice laptop for that price after all.

Apple users tend to be zealots and will fork over the cash for whatever bears the logo.  "New apple product?  Gimme, gimme gimme!"

There are a slew of interesting Android tablets coming to market that are cheaper, and I think good consumers realize that and are waiting to see where to land.

Me?  I don't care much to own a tablet, but I do enjoy the whole spectacle.



I have 7 of them sitting in my office.



Bought the Xoom when it first came out, I have the Verizon version and it is great.  Way better than the Ipad.  After showing it off to my friends, many have gotten rid of their Ipads and purchased Xoom's.  This is a much better system and I'm certain its popularity will grow with the release of other tablets and once the Android market begins to grow with apps designed for tablets and Tegra 2 systems. 



Yeah well I'd rather have a Samsung.  I have a droid x and I love it, but I still don't hold Motorola in any high regard. 

And stop comparing to the iPad.  It's beyond me how apple has managed to brainwash so many people into paying more for mediocre products.



Was really thinking about trying out an tablet. Then I saw a samsung labtop for $800 that was dx11 and i7 for the same price. I look at what each could do and seriously, what the hell was I thinking, tablet good one. All to download app and view internet, thats what my phone is for, I could play games and good one with my new labtop.



i hope its not dead. im posting this in my wifi only xoom now and it is awesome.



Hey, they tried. Moto came with it as far as advertising and a cool device but I think that the price was just ''too damn high''. 800 bucks, no thanks. I'm still saving to get one but I'm really loving my iPad. Hopefully the price'll go down then they can move some units. Until then iPad is still king. Were are the Trolls?



Price it $100 less than an iPad 2 and it might get some traction. Price it $100 more than an iPad 2 and well...



Agreed.  The thing is just too damned expensive.  Too many promises unfulfilled.  No Flash... yet.  No removable Micro SD support... yet.  WTF?!?  They should have shipped the product when it was done not prematurely.



This device is pretty much the AMD of tablets.  It's the underdog to the IPAD and should be priced as such.  Yes it has a lot going for it, but the IPAD is so damn popular.  Personally I'm not into the whole tablet craze anyway.

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