Motorola Xoom: 5 Killer Features, 5 Frustrating Faux Pas



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Flash on tablet performance Meh :/



I was excited when it was announced first, after a while, it sucked big time. Then, this thing doesn't do anything more than my Archos 101 do. I've google voice search, flash support and all other mind blowing intereface using third-party launchers. This xoom looked so dull in front of my archos 101.

Now, the real tablet that I think surely will blow our mind is Samsung Galaxy tab 10 inch version. But still I think this doesn't have hdmi or other features my archos 101 has.

xoom is slow.. umm



The USB charging makes some sense. Recharge time through the special adaptor is something like 2 hours. Via USB, it would have been on the order of 5 hours. Or so I've read. USB just doesn't pack the juice necessary for quick convenient charge times.

Even the Color Nook won't charge over a standard USB connection. It has to be their speical Nook USB  cable and power adaptor for all the same reasons.



Still not for sale as WiFi version. Until it is, this is nice and besides the point for me.

That SD thing does make me wonder WTF?




The killer feature, i wouldn't say are all killers (movie editing on a pad?) but are good. The frustrating ones, although understandable, seem to be things that you just have to wait as oppose to the iPad 2 which won't have regardless how long you wait.

Honeycomb apps - give them time, the darn thin just came out of beta.

Flash - It's either already out or about to, although nice to have upfront, no big deal in waiting a bit.

Charger and volume control - I agree, USB charging should have been obvious, how dumb can they be and the volume controls are small, that could have been done much better.

SD support - now who the hell adds a feature like SD support and not have it active the day it goes on sale? That's like buying a car with a BOSE stereo system that you have to wait another month before you can use. I'm telling you quantity over quality is today's prefered customer service concept for businesses. This is what you get for not wantitng to wait a little more for the new toy to come out.

WiFi - I thought they are coming out with a WiFi version? Perhaps not at the moment it came out but soon.



I wish you would've complained about items that were relavent with the exception of the proprietary power cable.  That pisses me off.  I still plan on getting one on March 27. 



Flash pre release 10.2 is out on Android Market.

Search for "flash 10.2"

I just installed and it works. :)

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