Motorola Sues Apple Over iPhone 4S, iCloud



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what goes around comes around apple.



Here's an idea: Motorola shoots thirty of their lawyers, Apple shoots fifty of theirs, Microsoft shoots 100 of theirs, (think Washington Naval Treaty ratios here), then everybody shakes hands and goes back to making money the old fashioned way -- by providing a superior product at the best price.

Fucking stupid lawyer tricks. *grumble*mumble*grouch* Sorry, but when you end up dealing with lawyers on a regular basis, it makes you really, REALLY dislike them. A lot. You know it's getting bad when thoughts such as "maybe I should bring a gun next time" leap unbidden into your head during an arbitration. Irritating? No, that does not even begin to cover it, my friends. If given a choice between an arbitration / mediation or jabbing myself 100 times with an X-Acto knife... Well, I'd have to give it some serious thought before deciding.



Go with the x-acto knife, at least it's sharp.

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