Motorola Officially Unveils Atrix HD (Dinara) for AT&T



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Kelar back? Do you mean Kevlar?

Looking forward to picking up this phone around Christmas :)

I was looking at the original Atrix last Christmas to replace my dying dumbphone. Alas the store was out of stock and I ended up with the HTC Inspire 4G. I played with it for a couple of months, then I went back to a dumbphone :P



Which Razr are you comparing it to? The MAXX model?



The 1.5Ghz dual core CPU is a S4 which is pretty powerful while delivering great battery life for it's speed.



To me it just sounds as a clone to the HTC ONE X That AT&T Offers (ONE XL as they call it, not to be confused with the International version that has a Tegra 3 Quadcore instead.); From what I can tell these are the ONLY differences:

*ONE XL does not have micro HDMI Output, but microUSB to HDMI (via adapter) instead.

*ONE XL boosts a 16GB Internal storage but no SD card option available =(.

The Screen Res, even the color is white as well! Ditto on battery savings, I've been using this phone and it's just amazing.

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