Motorola Maserati (Droid 4) Rolls into View



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I much prefer removable batteries - I have 3 of them on my Droid I - but it makes a huge difference in thickness.  With a body glove cover, my phone is super thick - that's what Motorola is trying to fix.   Also no mention of SD Card slot.


In terms of the Nexus (I am looking to replace my original Andy) - does it have a removable battery - or at that size, does it matter?


Holly Golightly

Why would they make the battery non-removeable? This is beyond me. Droids are about flexibility and power. Either way, it would have been cool if they kept the name, as Maserati screams class! As for best keyboard, I say the Motorola Devour has the best keyboard. To me, it is more about the spacing. I am due for an upgrade, but I do not know if I would want to get this phone because of lack of removeable battery. I mean, I will think about it. It seems more and more phones do not allow the user to remove the battery anymore. Phones like the HTC Rhyme, Droid Razr, and of course, the iPhone... So I can see this trend becoming mainstream.



So thats two brand new motorola phones that wont be shipping with ICS?  I guess I will be waiting for the nexus after all.



The non removable battery would be a big deal breaker for a good few people just for the fact that 4G LTE eats battery like a fun sized box of nerds candy! At least that's my experience with my Droid Bionic. I still love the phone though.



Non-removable battery!? Does it also come with a flux capacitor? How 1980-ish! What a shame they pulled such a bone- headed move on what had the potential to be a really nice smartphone.



I suspect it's virtually the same phone as my Droid 3, but with LTE instead of GSM, and probably something slightly faster than the OMAP 4430 I have...maybe a 4450!

Not to be a downer, I love my phone, I don't understand the hype this phone is getting, when the Droid 3 was basically shot down by every reviewer that saw it for not being big enough and Samsung enough.

Might mean that some app developers *cough cough Gameloft cough cough* start to code for non-tegra devices, though...

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