Motorola Launches Second Volley in iPhone Antenna Assault



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Keith E. Whisman

About the cat and dog fight pictured above, WHO WON? How did that fight go? Was the dog KO? Or did the dog come back at the cat?


I would love to see Bill Gates kick Steve Jobs ass. Who wouldn't want to see that happen, eh? Just one punch and Steve Jobs would drop to his knees crying... I just know it...


Mister Friendly



The press that Maximum PC keeps pushing daily about Apple is really getting annoying. Granted, this is a PC website and anytime something happens to your direct competition maybe that's a good thing. However, all it's doing is just fueling the fanboy wars just like all of the videogame websites where it's Xbox vs. PS3 vs. Wii.


I love this magazine for all of the good information it provides regarding PCs and Windows. I just built my first computer following all of the great advice from the experts here at Max PC. All of this Apple hate is just lowering the quality of the journalism reported on this website. I will admit in addition to my awesome PC computer, I do also own Apple products (Macbook, iPad, and even the infamous iPhone 4).  I think they're great products too. Do they have all of the flexibility and mods that my PC does? Well certainly not. However, my wife loves their products for their simplicitiy and ease of use. They definitely have their flaws, but that's why there are alternatives. If you don't like the products, especially because of their functionality, or lack thereof, then don't buy them.


But all of this negative press is getting tiresome. Report on something worthwhile. And I will come out and say that my iPhone 4 works great and is an awesome phone. I have had dropped calls, but then again I've had dropped calls on my other phones including those I've had on Verizon's network. Never had a Droid so can't comment on it. I'm sure it's great.


Anyway, that's just my thoughts. I hope Max PC will focus on the things that it does great and stops fueling these fanboy wars. If you don't like Apple, and I'm sure 98% of the people on this website don't, stop talking about them!


Mister Friendly

Selling another 9 million phones before the end of Q4. More record profits. etc.



Now let's see how Apple squirm its way out of this one.


My gut feeling is that, they'll just ignore it. Pretend it never happen.



I can't wait to see what that whiner Jobs has to say at his next press conference... Or maybe Apple will just sue Motorola, like they do when taking care of most of their problems.



Take that Apple! That's what you get when you try to put everyone in your sinking boat! The guy who came up with these ideas at Motorola should be given a bonus! I like the ads!



Do you mean their boat is sinking because of all the money from record sales?  Must be pretty dense money...



Kudos for the pic

Hate typing in the captcha on a mobile phone.

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