Motorola Job Cuts On The Way, Will Cost The Company $31 Million



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It's never good when someone loses their job and it has to hurt even more to lose that position before a company is acquired by a larger organization. However, Motorola is still losing money, even with the launch of some highly anticipated phones. Motorola claims that the cuts are unrelated to the planned acquisition of the company by Google. Motorola stockholders will vote on the acquisition deal, which is valued at $12.5 billion, during a meeting on November 17. Timing on this is terrible. They should really get with Google to try to avoid the layoffs.  That, or since they are getting severance pay, if things do turn around when Google comes about, re-hire the employees back in order to give them the opportunity to earn money instead of relying on no credit check loans.



'According to the company, these changes are aimed at improving the Motorola’s long-term financial performance.'

In plain English, 800 will be fired so as to free up loads of money for undeserved and outsized executive bonuses.


Keith E. Whisman

sure, 800 more American workers out of work and only because google wanted some motorola held patents. google gets to continue with business as usual, making money, and now a bunch of people and their families are left without a job at the start of the holidays.if Obama gets re-elected the opprotunity for new employment is very small as Obama hasn't done anything to show that he has the slightest clue on how to improve the economy. these workers had dreams, expenses like home mortgages, car payments, and college loans. I'm sure there are many that are at their financial limits and now that they no longer have a job their whole life is going to come crashing down. paycheck to paycheck people always feel the sting of job loss the hardest and its easy to live paycheck to payckeck even if you make really good money. nobody ever really cares about these people that lose their jobs. whats going to happen to them and their family when you make a big change like this. 




You're correlating the president of the United States with a decision Moto made in anticipation of Google buying it? Seriously??

A US president cannot pull cash, jobs, world peace or fluffy white animals out of a hat nor can a president have say in who a company hires or fires.  Please leave your political ideations out of our tech forum. Otherwise, I generally enjoy most of your posts.



Keith E. Whisman

I'm merely pointing out how difficult it is going to be for these workers to find employment and will probably be unable to locate work that pays sufficiently to cover their bills. I know that people out there are like that because I was in those shoes a couple years ago. 

I mentioned the president because he hasn't done anything that would benefit the economy. That would show companies and individuals that it's a good time to start or expand business in the United States. I never made any statements in my post above that the President has anything to do with Motorola or Google doing business. But the state of the economy is historically been placed on the shoulders of the President of the United States just like the President of a company is usually credited with how good or bad a company does financially. 

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