Motorola Droid Getting Android Froyo Update Next Week



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I'm looking forward to this.  Droid rocks!

I sure hope they don't nerf the tethering.






Motorola Droid is a top pick among Verizon's smart phones. It's well made and the huge display makes you feel like you've got a mini computer. Android could use some help in the friendly multimedia department with desktop media syncing and more supported video playback formats, but with a little effort the Droid is a very good music player and portable video player. With an additional memory card, you can DVD and even enjoy Blu-ray movies, provided that the movies are converted into MPEG4 or H.264 format first. If you would like to enjoy your bluray movies on your motorola Droid, what you need is just a bluray to motorola droid converter: Pavtube Bluray to Motorola Droid Converter




The Droid has completely exceeded my expectations. I've rooted and overclocked mine: still feels like a cutting edge device in the fast moving world of handsets; no mean feat!



I've been looking forward to having flash on my droid for quite a while, and the faster app speed/web-browsing and auto-updates in the market are going to be nice to have as well. Although after seeing what happened when 2.1 was released, I wouldn't be surprised if the release date gets pushed back quite a while. It's funny to look at all of the "WHERE'S MY UPDATE?" comments on the Motorola Facebook, and it'll only get worse if they push the release date back further. I also wouldn't be surprised if Verizon kills USB Tethering/WiFi Hotspot access.



The rumors have been lining up perfectly and according to them, the Incredible and Droid X will see the Froyo update next week as well.

Also, I am currently running the leaked Verizon Incredible Rom and it is working beautifully. Had to update the radio in the process and HTC has created new widgets and UI elements to its Sense apps. There are a few new HTC apps as well. The best of these is the flashlight app which uses the phone's camera LEDs as a flashlight. The Rom does include a few forced apps from Verizon though. These include: Verizon's 3G Mobile Hotspot and VZ Navigator. Overall though, its a great update. 



Does anyone know if Verizon and HTC plan on bringing 2.2 to the Eris?  I have a feeling that the Incredible will probably get all the updates.



Sprint also announced this morning that they will push the 2.2 Android update to the HTC Evo 4G starting Tuesday, Aug. 3.  I wonder how much that influenced Verizon to rush their update?  Or is it just coincidence?  Like Verizon cares about Sprint!  Ha!



It's so much better than 2.1, those not rooting should be greatly impressed. Noticeably faster.



I was thinking about rooting my phone just to get the update sooner, but I never did, ya know, lazy and all.

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