Motorola Droid Bionic Stripped and Exposed



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"1GHz Texas Instruments dual-core processor"
Meaning it's the same CPU as every other smartphone on the market. ARM Cortex A9 based. 



Not entirely. Verizon's other dual-core phone, the Motorola Droid X2, utilizes Nvidia's Tegra 2 SoC, which is also based on ARM's Cortex A9 design, but there are differences:

  • Tegra 2 has a single-core memory controller, TI's OMAP 4 chip has a dual-channel controller
  • OMAP 4 sports a PowerVR SGX 540 graphics core, which is slightly faster than Nvidia's Tegra 2 design
  • The OMAP 4's media processing engine is more fully fleshed out than Tegra 2

There are some smaller differences as well, but those are the main ones in terms of performance.



I got my sister one of these for her birthday.  I swear it's her new boyfriend.  She is so in love with this phone I think she forgot she has a kid.  I will stick with my HTC HD7.



What I find interesting is the performance of the OMAP 4430 in the Bionic. The same CPU in the LG Optimus 3D proved faster in most benchmarks than the 1.2Ghz Exynos chip in the Samsung Galaxy fact Exynos even lags behind Tegra2(which has only a single channel memory controller) in the graphics department.



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