Motorola Droid 4 Drops at Verizon on Friday for $200



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its been what i want, a QWERTY keyboard, but it does not have a removable battery. which is key. I dont want to carry around charges and wires. I rather have 3 batteries and swap out. I love the phone and would give it a 9 of 10 but no removable battery makes it just shy of perfect for me.



...I'm a touch sad that the Droid 3 was delayed/redesigned/unavailable until September 2011, resulting in being released much too close to the Droid 4. It's not really that the Droid 4 is coming out too soon, of course, and besides LTE (which is sparse around here) it's not much of an upgrade. That said, if this phone is as durable, reliable, and power-conscious as the Droid 3, then it'll be great.

Now give me my Ice Cream Sandwich, Motorola!



The Droid 3 has been available since July're confusing it with the DROID Bionic.



I've already got the 'droid I'm looking for (although it isn't officially branded a "Droid" phone). I'm more than happy with my Android-based Motorola Triumph, and see no reason to ditch it anytime soon.

(Well, Ok, so my battery life seems to be dropping through the floor recently, I still love the phone and like my carrier, and I'm sure I can get a replacement battery for cheaper than a new phone.)



As much as I'm going to miss that physical keyboard (*MUCH* faster for me), I think I'm going to go for the RAZR MAXX instead. The larger screen and ridiculously-long battery life puts it over the top.

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