Motorola Convinces German Court to Ban Windows 7, Xbox 360 Console



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like Arthur replied I am shocked that a student able to earn $9035 in four weeks on the internet. have you seen this web link



I think i would be pretty pissed off if I was a German citizen taking away all those cool things and making them pay taxes for it? thats f'd up!!



err... did you forget that microsoft has been the patent bully against everyone? linux, android, apple, etc? Apple just does microsoft better. Microsoft sued motorola mobility first remember? I am glad the ban is in place... btw, the band is the sale of new computers with/copies of win7. Existing installs are not affected.

sheeze... read people.



So what exactly does Google have to gain (aside from $$ of course) since they own Motorola Mobility now?



You tell em' Motorola! Never again will your OS, PCs, or game consoles have to compete against a company that stole your work and passed it off as their own.

What's that? You don't make ANY of that stuff? Well this seems like a really frivolous and idiotic suit then...



I don't get it so what Motorola won from all of it ? Does Motorola has OS or console that can compete with Win7 or Xbox360 ? What's the point of this ? At least now I see pirate copies of Win7 and Win8 flooding Germany. Xbox360 will be sold on black market two,three times of original price. So what Motorola and brainless judge did is encourage piracy and bad guys who will have good business for a while.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Are we confused yet?

I thought Microsoft was a party to the Mpeg-LA Consortium of Companies that controls the H264 Codec?

If I am wrong, please correct me..
If I am right, then I am so confused right now...

Are members of the consortium now fighting with each other instead of promoting the H264 standard, which to my knowledge was their original intent?

The Consortium itself should handle any cross licensing disputes between party members

Unless of course Microsoft refused to agree to such cross licensing within the Consortium, in which case we get what we have here today

I just can't help but think this is all Microsoft's fault somehow



Microsoft is a member of the MPEG LA consortium, but Moto is not, they are not even a licensee according to the MPEG LA web site, so I am even more confused then you are by this ruling.



Ok so .264 video... where have I seen that... oh YouTube and iPhone/ipad.



Is it just me or is Germany looking like "You want something banned? Complain about it and we'll do it!"



This sort of shit is never going to end, is it?



Not in a million years. There will always be stupid judges and companies



Just wondering if the judge uses the computer with MS Windows 7 and in his house the kids playing XBox with Kinect.



Nope he's obviously a Mac user.



Microsoft should have gotten out of EU entirely years ago because of that stupid browser ballot BS. Next we will hear of some German government that requires Windows licenses for some mission critical Windows only app, but can't get any.



I feel sorry for their gamers out there. trying to get wine to work with games can sometimes be like pulling teethe. i don't know how you could ban Microsoft in the first place with most apps written for the OS. I don't think banning the OS is the solution but i do think that if Microsoft did do what they say they should be fined and Motorola should be compensated.



I completely disagree. Did you see what the patents were about? A couple of basic H.264 things? It's utter BS that you can be so knitpicky about these things and ban an entire product. It would be more fair if there was purely a monetary fine. There are hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of patentable things that goes into a piece of consumer electronics. All it takes is one patent troll to F* up the industry.



The point of these rulings is that it forces Microsoft to pay for a license to use Moto's patent. So it is like a fine.

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