Motorola CEO: Stock Android Handsets Stink for Making Money



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This is, I think, total bull from the consumer's perspective. And I don't think the carriers are totally to blame here. Has any consumer ever purchased an Android phone (or any phone) because of vendor or carrier-specific software addons? I think this is a phantom market that carriers and vendors *wish* existed more than one that actually does.



I would just like the carriers to not assume that all Americans are morons that like football and nascar.  I don't have a problem withmy phone having preinstalled apps/adverts to make the carriers more money and subsequently make my phone cheaper, as long as I got to choose which ones are on MY phone.  Maybe letting us have a choice from a group of predetermined apps, kind of like Hulu ads where you get to pic the commercial you watch.  It would be cool to be able to customize how I am being adverstised to, so that the ads/apps are somewhat relevant to my lifestyle.




I dumped Motorola's ass and bought an HTC Rezound instead. 

Yes, it was loaded with bloat. But HTC allows me to unlock if I want to. I am unlocked and rooted now. Congratulations managed to drive me into HTC's arms. It wasnt easy, but your asshole anti-root policies and desire to cram as much bloat as possible onto your phones while at the same time forcing me to use your shitty Motoblur UI finally did it. 

Frankly, Motorola hasnt done anything worth a crap since the Droid 1 anyway hardware-wise. 



Thats why I switched to windows phone 7.  All carrier loaded apps are required to be uninstallable, and there is a max of 5 allowed.  Plus, I shouldnt have to modify the software to get my phone to work, I paid good money for the phone and service and it should work right 100% of the time out of the box.  Cant say that was my experience with any android phone I have used or supported.



Samsung: Launches "Stock" Phone: Beats street in 4th Quarter

Motorola: Releases multiple headline handsets but no "Stock": Still in the red in 4Q

HTC: Releases 1 Headline handset but its not "Stock": Misses on earnings (again) in 4Q


Nice Work Jha.


-Droid Bionic Owner



Oh really? So the OG DROID didnt do anything huh? Didnt single handedly bring your company back from the brink of bankruptcy huh? Didnt transform Android from a "iPhone clone" to the most used mobile operating system at all did it?


Sanjay Jha is an idiot. Dude seriously, stop smoking ur home made mescaline and destroying your company with draconian rules and zany schemes. 



You should append "for carriers" to the end of your title. Sanjay said that the carriers require customizations specifically so they can keep the customer within their ecosystem. There's no accurate data that shows a stock Android smartphone would sell more or less than a skinned one if it got the same kind of marketing push. 



One day Motorola or some other major player will release a stock android phone on good hardware and it will be a mega-hit. These guys act like they have it all figured out when in reality they are just perpetuating a poor user experience with bloatware. Seems ompanies like Motorola have decided the best way to make money is screwing up the UI rather than innovate. Apple, Google and the like made their fortunes innovating with an approachable, clean and fast UI. Strange these smaller companies haven't figured that out yet.



Here's a question aimed at all of you who don't want to root your phone, for whatever reason. If they offered it, would you be willing to pay a small additional fee, like maybe $10 a month, for the duration of your contract to get an UNLOCKED phone, that would have root access and thus allow you total control to run any Android app you like? Those who root need not reply, as I know your answer. Keep in mind you would preserve your full warranty this way too. Just curious, because there has to be other ways the vendors could turn a reasonable profit without always looking first to screw the customer out of the total control over devices they paid for.



You dont even know what ur talking about dude. Unlocking the bootloader has no affect on what apps it can run. Unlocking the bootloader and rooting are two totally different things. 

My Bionic is rooted, custom ROM'ed and still has a locked bootloader for example. 



if that was an option, sure I would go there...




Just get the phone cheap and root it to your liking.  I have a Motorola Defy, which I love, but I love it more after replacing Motoblur with CM7.  It is easier than you may think.



I call bs... the labor alone to develop these bad launchers and shovelware costs a lot more than stock.  They are just pissed they want to differentiate themselves with a custom ui and noone wants it and the costs are sunk costs.


They just need to quit whining and give the customers what they want.  They will make more money in the long run.  i swear they cannot stand to look long term for short term profits.



So the $70-$100 a month we pay for 2 years isn't enough profit?



That's what you're paying the carrier; Motorola is the device manufacturer.  They're loose partners, not a single incorporated entity.  You can't freely interchange the two.

Also, you would be surprised what the operating overhead for a company like Verizon or AT&T comes out to each month.  That complex infrastructure doesn't just magically maintain itself.  The carriers hover in the 8% to 10% net region, which is common for nearly all American corproations, (including Big Oil, by the way). 

Now if you want to see profit gouging, let's look at Big Pharma...  30% net, anyone?



Motorola and Verizon got back in the game BECAUSE of a stock-configuration, unlockable boot loader phone.  I mean, Samsung didn't just make a crap load of money selling the Galaxy Nexus, right?  A phone's a phone and Android's apps make it easy to find the functionality you want on your phone.  It may be tough selling a stock OS, but that's like telling me its hard to sell a TV based on hardware alone.

Face it, Manufacturers.  People will demand faster updates or they won't get your phone.  Simple enough.  As word gets around about the Nexus phones and how updates are much faster, people will start holding out for those.  Not all of us want that NFL app or Verizon apps.  Not all of us will need "GoTo Meeting" either.  Let the users get what they want.  Its their phone.



How would the carriers shove in mounds of unremovable (w/o root) profit-boosting crapware if they had to use stock android?



Amen. I hate having the ATT U-verse TV app along with CIQ and several other crapware games that take up space. I'll be moving over to WinPhone when they release some better hardware. Until then I guess I'll learn to root my phone, then do it after right after my contract ends



That's why they love putting the shovelware on Android. It's like buying a new computer, but the user can't get the e-Bay logo and the free trial of AOL off the thing. It's permanent advertising the user can't delete. Though why a free demo of Madden 2010 on phone sold in 2012 just seems like a punch in the stomach.

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