Motherboard Price Hikes Rumored to be Just Around the Corner



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Jack up prices, people stop buying, crisis created, prices dropped, people start buying again.

It's really a shame we can't just skip all that horseshit in the middle...



I said the same thing about hard drives. Funny how WD and Seagate are still posting massive revenue numbers. In the real world when you make a dumb business decision like putting all your eggs in Thailand, you lose money, but not in the world of Supply-Side Economics.



Well, I guess I bought the components for my new build just in the nick of time. New Z68 chipset 1155 motherboard, i5-2500K CPU, Cooler Master case, 8 Gig of RAM all for less than $480. Thankfully I already have an abundance of hard drives purchased before the price increases. And the 90 gig SSD I am going to pick up next week will top the system off nicely.

Timing is everything!



My big question is do I buy an 1155 board and i7-2600k now, or wait until April for Ivy Bridge? The only thing holding me back is I'd like to run two sets of hard drives in raid arrays of 6gb SataIII, but so far no board makers offer that setup (for bandwidth reasons, I'm guessing) but there's been no word one way or another on whether or not Ivy Bridge boards will offer that natively. I wish board makers would release some damn specs of upcoming models already so I can decide before prices go up.



Due to the rising cost of methane extraction in China's cow shit industry, consumers should be prepared to pay 50% more for any devices using electricity to power them starting next quarter, as manufacturers struggle to offset profit-hiding expenditures and pad executive salaries. The world can go fuck itself. Just give us all your money, first. Thank you.


Brett Schealler

Motherboard makers, including Asus and Gigabyte, will initiate the next round of price hikes in the first quarter of 2011.

2011? really?



I remember paying $225 for 2-2 MEGAbyte sticks back in 1991! Do the math



ohh right

so the jump to 150-200 dollar motherboards was ONLY 10% for the same features that were standard a couple years earlier for 100?

i guess that means they want all motherboards to start at 150 minumum

they are really starting to price people out of the market- if it continues we will be back to the beginning where people would buy last seasons PC and modify it as it was much cheaper than trying to build thier own.



Yeah, Seagate can suck it. Record profits, almost the same number of units shipped; I hate it when companies manufacture a crisis and everyone falls for it (me included).

At least we still have rock-bottom RAM prices to offset it. Just picked up another 2x4GB set of G.Skills at 41$ + FS to pair with the exact same set I paid 89$ a year ago. Do I need 16GB? Absolutely not, but how can you pass that kind of deal up? I remember paying 75$/gig, seems like just yesterday...



Heck, I remember paying a $1/Mb for memory, thats when it actually meant something to say "i have a full gigabyte of memory in my system"!

LOL that was only 13 years ago.



Shhh, don't give the memory vendors any ideas. :)




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