Motherboard Makers Scramble to Avoid Component Shortage



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WOW that takes me back a few yrs where i'd get 2 or 3 mobo's come in with shot caps leakin and bulged it's only a ten minute job to fix but i love the new Japanese solid caps note if it's not a jap solid cap it's not worth it  



Play till it breaks then learn how to fix it!



It is even worse than ever. Components can only take so much heat. Cheap capacitors have little tolerance for higher heat and with the E U's lead free solder (RoHS) law (engineering done by lawyers and politicians) wave soldering temperatures have to be on average 20 degrees to 30 degrees Centigrade higher. Caps that used to last three to four years now last a year or two. Add to that the counterfeit part issue and the dendritic wisker issue with high tin content solder and there you have it.I would only buy a Mobo that has non Chinese made solid state Caps or else resign yourself to having a high possibility of replacing them or the Mobo in a year or two. Even then the quality is not what it was before 2006.


Keith E. Whisman

Damn those capacitors suck big time. I had a friend that brought me an Abit mobo with ever single soft can style capacitor bulged and leaking like that and he wanted me to replace them all. I talked him into sending it back to Abit and purchasing an Asus mobo in the future.



I have to say I've had my fill but I solder new caps on motherboards quiet often



..a photo that is an example of defective caps. Notice how the components are domed and oozing electrolite. Curious.

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