Photo Gallery: More Scenic Grand Theft Auto V Screenshots Emerge



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Doesn't really look all that impressive compared to some other games out recently.



What GTA game ever "looked impressive" compared to its contemporary (and far more linear) games?

Pushing a top-of-the-line GPU to its limits doesn't always make a great game. I'm no game creator so forgive my ignorance: is it even possible to make an open-world game like this visually stunning enough for people with the latest/greatest PC hardware and snobbish attitudes?

What games are you comparing it to? San Andreas looked like shit compared to "other games" even when it was new. It had a huge world to dick around in though. It had a lot of things those other games couldn't touch.



Thank you for NOT being a "I NEED GRAPHICS!!! ONLY AWESOME GRAPHICS WILL DO!!!" guy, like the OP. Yes, nice graphics are... nice, but what makes or breaks a game in my opinion is the GAMEPLAY. I don't care how great a game looks - if it's a boring game, I'm not going to play it. This is why some of the most popular and famous games of all time are not graphics masterpieces, but rather FUN. I always choose a "meh"-looking but extremely fun game over a beautiful but dull game. Great graphics are a bonus, not the reason I game.

It's a GAME, not art...



This doesn't look like it begins to approach the pinnacle of PC gaming. These screenshots remind me a lot of Sleeping Dogs w/Texture Pack, which is, compared to what a PC can do, like putting lipstick on a pig.



Can not wait for this game...


Bullwinkle J Moose

Remember the Real GTA Mod for GTA-3 ?

Now That was some serious realism

I have screenshots of Osama Bin Laden driving his Lamborghini Murciélago as he chases down terrorists like Alex Jones in New York City

He arrives at the airport too late to stop the plane taking off, but chases it as far as he can untill he jumps the ramp to to Liberty Island

The custom radio station was great as we can hear Alex Jones Ranting and raving about how he's gonna kill everyone as it blends into the actual FAA broadcasts on 911

Have you ever noticed the big commercial jet flying over the Statue of Liberty?

The jet heads right towards the World Trade Center and disappears into a cloud of smoke as if it hit something


yet so real

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