More Reasons to Sing the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Blues



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I guess that I am odd-man out because USB 2 is painfully slow.  I sure would like to move data between external devices at home at nearer the same speed I move data between laptop and server at work!



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Like the others I can wait for USB 3.0. USB 2.0 has been meeting all my needs, and if transfer speeds between my external drive (or any other usb devices) bother me that much, I can just use another means (such as eSATA for example).



I can probably wait for USB 3.0 devices, frankly. External drives are usually about capacity for me, rather than speed, so long as full HD stuff plays off them, and I'm not convinced as to its utility for stuff like printers. I mean yeah, it'd be nice, but if it's not ready yet then so be it. Besides, there's always ESATA for higher data rates, right?



Yeah, same here. I mean, I'm not at my PC or lappy ALL the time... if I'm going to run a backup, I'll do it while I'm out or asleep. and it's not like I'm moving terabytes of data either. Usually it's a couple of movies, some documents, etc... 8 gigs tops most often.

Is it spiffy? Sure, but in the real world, it's not ready for prime time; and USB 2.0 really hasn't been that much of a bottleneck for me.

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