More Motorola Job Cuts Coming, Google Warns



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"Motorola has continued to refine its planned restructuring actions and now expects to broaden those actions to include additional geographic regions outside of the U.S."

In otherwords, we're moving to China.



let's get real. Google bought Motorola Mobility mainly for its patent portfolio, they're basically getting rid of the less brilliant employees they got in the package.



Careful, Google. Your corporate giant-like persona is showing through the thick, green, tree-hugging foliage you attempt to hide behind.

Now... don't all of you people who stand in line for Google's free widgets feel bad for those that are losing their jobs today? Your greed for free handouts apparently has repercussions.

Wow... for a second there, I thought I might have been talking about the 47%.



Then you should place blame on Motorola. Motorola was the reason why the company split into 2. Their government side (equipment and services) and mobility wireless side, (which they knew was losing money). Once the Motorola breakup happened, everybody knew the writing on the wall was for them to be bought.

So Google stepped in and bought them. And it makes good business sense for Google to keep what they need(patents, talent, and other money makers) and get rid of what they don't. If that wasn't the case then Motorola never would have broken up into 2 companies. Who would buy a failing company and keep running it the same way?



This isn't related to free widgets, or whatever else you're on about.

Google acquired Motorola, which has been a poor performer in the phone market compared to others. In order to make it perform better, they're restructuring the Motorola workforce, cutting out some of the money-losing areas, focusing more on strengths, and (hopefully) working towards getting some goodwill in the marketplace (as a Bionic user, there's absolutely nothing that could make me purchase another Motorola phone -- they've burned that bridge).

Pretty standard business move, and unrelated to widgets of any sort. Heads are rolling because Moto was a poorly run company.



Smoking much? A company can't stay afloat if it isn't making money and everyone who works there would end up losing their jobs. It sucks that layoffs have to occur for a company to regain its profitability, but it happens. After having Jha replaced, we can only hope that Motorola won't have to let go anyone else after this.



I completely, 100% agree with you. (But no, I've never smoked or taken any form of mind alering drugs.)

My point is that Google/Motorola spend too much time giving away freebies, with a scortched earth approach to product feature introductions that leave their smaller competitors with little choice but to change their focus or go out of business. If they started charging for those features, a market would form and competition would flourish.

To put it another way... their biodegradable paint on their logo is starting to peel. I, personally, am all for large business. But as a corporate giant, don't put on a halloween mask and pretend you are Snow White.

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