More Mobile Phones in South Korea than People



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Neither do I.


Actually i dislike phones or any source of distraction when i´m painting, gaming or surfing the Web.



I've only got one phone thats activated, but like 4 that dont have a subscription. then I have a pager for work.



I have one cellphone. I don't see the need to have more than one unless the 2nd one is for business.



The only phone i have is a cell phone. I use it, maybe twice a day, and there are plenty of days where I only turn the vibrate on and off. Once in a blue moon i will text or send a picture.

It's a phone. I use it to CALL PEOPLE. If I want to do something else, that's what my laptop (or sweet desktop) is for.

I don't have a facebook or twitter, and have no desire to check my email on my phone. At no point have I wanted to watch a movie on it. I am reminded of Gordon's rant about two years back about the Pizza Hut iphone app. Why use that to order a pizza? IT'S A PHONE: CALL THEM!



I have one cell phone and it is as basic as you can get. I only have it for emergencies and have sent a total of a dozen texts in my short 33 years. I do have a sweet PC though. :)



I don't have a cell phone and don't want one.  I was tethered to one for years in my job.  Now that I've retired, people can call me at home or leave me the bleep alone.



...the same way. Unfortunately I had to get a phone due to my job. The only reason I use it for emergency contact. Not to text, not to play games on, not to shop on, or any of these new features that smart-phones generally have.



I just have one cellphone. At least, I just have one cellphone that is active and that I regularly carry around with me.

I just got a new feature phone last month (I couldn't afford the data charges required for a smartphone). But while it no longer has service, I haven't gotten rid of my old phone. It is a Palm Treo 755p, and it has a few PDA features that my new phone doesn't have. So even though the phone service has been shut off on the Palm, I do occasionally use it because it is a really nice PDA.

Don't get me wrong, though. I do like my new phone. And while it isn't a smartphone, it is pretty smart for a feature phone. And most of the tasks I can do on my new phone, but not everything.

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