More Juicy AMD 45nm CPU Lineup Details Revealed



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The core i7's turbo mode is the only part that interests me, and the 45nm chip, mmm, smooth sailing.



i can't wait for the 3ghz quad core. Hopefully it'll overclock welll. I'm upgrading from my X2 6400+ that's clocked at 3.42ghz right now.



Actually competition isn't good for Intel.  A monopoly is good for Intel, because then they could sell the same old tech forever.  Competition is good for the CONSUMER.  AMD is why Intel has the great Core 2 and now Core i7 processors at all.  So, all the people that love Intel so much need to give AMD some love, at least verbally.  I too am a recent Q6600 owner, it was the first Intel processor I have purchased since the P5-75 processor way back in the day.  Been an AMD supporter ever since, until this last upgrade.  I just hope by the time I am ready for another upgrade AMD is back in the race strong so I can go back to AMD then.



A monopoly is not necessarily good for Intel. Let's say Intel wanted to enter new markets... say the high end graphics market. If Intel had a monopoly on the CPU front, Intel could face a slew of anti-trust suits. This could go for any new markets that Intel would like to penetrate. So, AMD is good for both the consumer AND Intel. Right now I am using a Phenom 9850 and I love it. I've gotten it overclocked to 3Ghz on stock HSF! Though I do have to admit I only bought it because it was cheaper than Intel's quad and I wanted a quad... And I am also not one of those Intel haters- I know Intel has the performance crown, I just chose the cheaper option!

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