More Gloom and Doom in the Struggling DRAM Market



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Well...This is good for consumers in the short run because of lower prices.  It's bad in the long run because companies don't have as much money to research ways to make better RAM.  We'll see how this one plays out.  Maybe Windows 8 will have to be the savior just like Windows 7 was a few years ago.



umm, every other os microsoft puts out is total crap. im counting windows 8 will be a steaming pile of it. the fact there doing the same thing they did with vista, and that was release it to early, i dont know if it will even be an upgrade. if anything, it might only be a facelift for windows 7. i might try the beta, but will probably wait for windows 9 (im just assuming here). but who knows, its not here yet. we will just have to wait and see


I Jedi

Well, Paul, the RAM market is a competitive environment, just ask Intel. LLOL.

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