More Eye Candy: Gigabyte Gives a Glimpse of Entire X79 Motherboard Series



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okay, i think they are going overboard with the pistol-shaped heatsink.  I can't imagine what motherboards are gonna look like 5 years from now ... ATX mobo in a shape of a pistol haha.

Man those color schemes are wicked cool.



Interesting stuff... Looks like the UD5 is for folks who wantz-moar-RAMs, and the UD3/UD7 is if you want quad 16x PCI-e... But here's hoping for a "UD8" or some such variant with the 8 RAM DIMM slots and quad 16x PCI-e slots...


Come on EVGA, you KNOW you wanna! Gotta have a red and black theme!

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