More of a Drizzle: Bulletstorm Demo Skipping PC



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Cliffy B has really gone off the deep end. Piracy my ass, i buy so much crap on steam it's not even funny INCLUDING epic stuff (picked up the Unreal collection during the steam sale)

The truth is, Cliffy B has sold out, everyone knows it and it's been repeated time and time again that he's a sellout for the Console Cash Cow...

PS Clifford, you can pirate 360 games

Also, BulletStorm would have sold more copies on PC than PS3 / 360

Now we know this game which started out looking like an amazing new piece of eye candy is going to be dummied down to a box-shaped FOV and horrible frame caps. You could learn a thing or 2 from Valve and Blizzard, Clifford.



Too bad, Epic used to be one of my favourite developers. They haven't made anything good in sometime, though. 6 to 12 years ago they were excellent. What a change! They used to be a model example of how to put out a game on the PC.

It seems that on a whole, demos on the PC don't seem to be as common anymore...



Maybe I'm gonna skip Bulletstorm too...



hey epic, i'm a PC ONLY gamer...

i don't do consoles...looking forward to my new core i7 2600 PC with dual geforce gtx 570's.




I'm ashamed for Epic... Ya' know this is all about money, and greed. There really isn't enough PC gamers anymore to bother with the time and money to do it properly for the the PC. Microsoft and SONY has made it so easy to program games for their consoles, the developers make a lot of money even when the game is crappy because most of the audience are kiddies that have parents buying them anything they want. This all sounds way too cynical buut it's way too true.

The Stats are: The Console market is now up to 8 billion US dollars a year. Even if the console developer only makes $5 bucks off each game sold at 250,000  copies, which is a failure, that's $1.2 million. I know my figures are off but the concepts are true.

New and inovative stuff for PC's will be coming out from small indies. The open source initiative is programming like heck for the MS Kinect system, sanctioned or not from MS (this is legal). I would expect a new PC game like the up coming Bioshock will have open source programming to use the Kinect device. Can you imagine playing a game, a shooter/RPG, with your entire body. I'm looking forward to it.

The PC is far from dead. There is way too much we can do with it that consoles can't begin to do. We hack software to do what we want it to do.... peroid. lol



...and that's all it is. Consoles are only 'easier' to program for in so far as the hardware is fixed.

Funny thing is: there never was any hard law (that I have ever heard or read of) that forced makers of PC games to only make their products use the most bleeding-edge equipment. It was simply that the hardware advances allowed the game makers to bring the products closer to what they imagined, and in my 23+ years of PC gaming, I never had any problem deciphering what combination on parts I would need for a particular game. Companies like Ad Lib, Creative, Diamond, nVidia etc. were the standard bearers all along and the games I bought all made very good attempts at describing some sort of ideal setup. I've never understood how the "too many configurations to test our products on" excuse, or the other perennial favorite -Priracy count as legitimate excuses for a publisher like EA, or Activision...

Privacy is a problem on all of the consoles as well, but conveniently it is not as apocalyptic as on the PC. The most pirated game of last year (C.O.D: Black Ops) was also the most successful, bringing in billions of dollars -sales numbers which Activision gladly paints on it's penis and proudly waves it around.

Console makers simply provide a (well-greased) tunnel to push the product through to the customer, and the price paid for it is exclusivity.

" use the Kinect device. Can you imagine playing a game, a shooter/RPG, with your entire body. I'm looking forward to it."

You don't have to look any further than the the local arcades in a entertainment venues or movie theaters (if they 're not all gone) and see what that is like.

For years my buddies and I were longtime fans of gun-games --Time Crisis and the like, and wasted many an hour and many a dollar on those machines. As fun as they were, it was also quite evident that standing, pantomiming the actions of a soldier/cop/etc. gets tiring, not fun, and one of the later iterations of these games which had the player in an infrared cage in front of the machine where he had to really duck and/or lean in order make the onscreen police officer do the same during the firefights last barely a few months at our local sports bar, as it was far from fun. It certainly wasn't fun for me when I tried it.


Mighty BOB!

How are you supposed to play a shooter with no buttons on a device that doesn't have the resolution to see what your fingers are doing?



This game is going to have alot of piracy issues.

Because there is literally no way for users to know how it's going to run on their system, whether they'll like it, whether it'll be buggier than a $3 hooker.

Then Epic will say PC is dead as a platform but Valve will continue to post record profits.



it doesn't really matter i'm sure the game sucks, they're mainly a console developer now so pc is their last priority.



"Oh, we didn't abandon the PC." Well then, I guess they're just neglecting it.



A modded XBox is a helluva lot easier to copy games than a PC.  Are these people stuck in the late 90's when pirating games on a PC was easy and tools weren't as widely available for modding their N64 or PSOne?

Maybe someone slipped some Capt'n in my coffee, but you can't make money off a PC game if you don't make it, and I won't play these types of games on a console.



Hm... why does this sound very similar to Black Ops for the PC? And how did that turn out? Extremely poor optimization, game affecting bugs 3 months after release (audio stutter affecting fps anyone?), and lack of communication from the company.

I've noticed a trend that when a company's product will not run or perform well on PC, they try to hide as much detail as possible from the PC community meanwhile showing off the console versions and saying that PC version will be just as good if not better (usually a lie). And even when they do so, it tends to be the 360 version only.

I dunno about you, but it's starting to feel a lot like Canadian wireless providers... you don't pick who puts out the best service, you pick who screws you less.



They said a couple years back they weren't working for the PC anymore, that they were primarily a console company. They blamed piracy, but I think they always hated updating their games in an effort to please "hardcore" tourney types who could never be pleased.

The good thing is that they're not the only company making games. So they can go #@$& themselves. Especially that little Bellinski tool.



If it weren't for PC Gamers and PC Gaming Period, they wouldn't have a job. *cough* Unreal/Tournament *cough*.



Ah good'ol days of College!

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