Moore’s Law Lives Another Day With Maskless Lithography Trick



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least of which is not : faster and cheaper


Who wants to lay a bet here and now that if chips are produced with this or any other "cheaper" method, for some reason wont have an impact that lowers the consumer price at all. Im betting that they would release them at higher costs than 45nm Quad cores were at the time of thier release. ($1200.00+ for an extreme quad core?? are you freaking serious?)


related thought off topic : anyone notice gas dropped nearly $2 / gallon in the last 2 weeks?

are we to believe that they have fixed all thier refinery problems, or found a new mass cache of oil?

where are all the problems and issues that were making it 4 to nearly 5 dollars a gallon at now?

How did they suddenly go away?


The relation i wanted to show is that just cause somthign is produced cheaper dosent mean it will be cheaper for us. If theres money to make off of somthing expect to get raped at the register.And for what its worth, I dont think its right or fair.


You listening Blizzard???



Nice flamebait.

Thanks for my laugh for the morning. 



No offense there dstevens but you shouldn't make false sweeping generalizations on economics.

1) Just because something has a "cheaper" method or way of being produced doesn't mean it's going to be cheaper out of the gate. New technology isn't super expensive to gouge customers, it's expensive because manufacturing methods, distribution, research and development and and a million other factors. If it was automatically cheaper, companies would bring it out at lower prices to gain market dominance.

2) Your oil market remark is so far off that I honestly shouldn't bother trying to explain it to you. Granted, I'm no economist but let's look at some simple ideas here. When a recession hits, people will use less. Oil is one of the commodities that people use less. When demand for oil goes down, the prices also go down. When demand for oil goes back up (summer time, winter time, YES, oil is a seasonal commodity) the prices go up. However, even seasonal increases probably won't happen as much this year as the recession is affecting everyones pocket book, which means they are driving less. This is common sense.

Price gouging is a real problem in the world, but it's not the reason for every high cost that has even come about, whether it be with technology or oil. The media's sensationalist tactics have apparently paid off for you. I suggest doing reading on the subject instead of watching CNN, FOX, etc.

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