Monster, Dr. Dre Pitch Red Sox Themed Headset



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I don't think I'll ever buy a thing from Monster. Ever since they went on that lawsuit spreeagainst other companies with monster in their names. (for example Monster mini-golf in RI).



These headphones have shown to be nothing but some really overpriced piece of bass-s&&t. For that money, get some real headphones such as Sennheiser HD 595 / 600 / 650 or some great quality earbuds: Shure 530, Senns IE8 or the Ultimate Ears Triple Fi ... it´s really sad to see  bad products selling well just because a famous trademark is printed on it



These are the ugliest things ever. My god you'd have to be a serious Dr Dre fan or a serious Sox fan. For 400 dollars they had better be beyond phenominal. However, like many things, people will be buying them because of the name.



Jeez, for $400, there should've been some kind of code for a digital download of his very long awaited (probably too long) Detox album (or whatever it'll be called).



 I would never in a million years buy a headest over 200 buck, case in point these. But I bet the Scout would...



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